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Is there luggage storage at SFO?

SFO offers only one staffed location where you can store baggage. Airport Travel Agency, located in the Departures/Ticketing Level of the International Terminal, is near the entrance to Gates G91-G102. It offers storage for $15 to $35 per day depending on the size of items you are storing.

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Similarly, it is asked, where can I store my luggage in San Francisco?

  • Luggage storage Fisherman's Wharf.
  • Luggage storage The Embarcadero.
  • Luggage storage North Beach.
  • Luggage storage Market Street.
  • Luggage storage CalTrain Station.
  • Luggage storage Montgomery Station.
  • Luggage storage Union Square.

Likewise, can we leave our luggage at the airport? If you have an extremely long layover, you might want to ditch the airport and go explore the city, but dragging luggage along with you can make for a cumbersome exploration. Luckily, most airports have a left luggage service where for a fee bags can be stored at the airport and retrieved before a flight.

Simply so, how early can I check bags at SFO?

SFO suggests that you check with your airline directly for its recommended arrival time. For domestic flights, most airlines suggest arriving two hours before departure. For international flights, most airlines recommend arriving three hours before departure.

Does Bart have lockers?

To the dismay of many travelers, there are no luggage lockers at BART stations. Whether you're a local who wants to drop your gym gear or briefcase off before a night on the town or a visitor to San Francisco trying to maximize your time in the city, choose Bounce for BART luggage storage.

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