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😥😔😣 We are a bunch of guys who hate to read long paragraphs, long articles and long texts to find answers to our short questions. We think that answer to every question can have two versions; a longer version and a shorter one.

😥😔😣 For example you are having a walk in park in evening and a question pops in your mind as you see a garden slug in the walk way in front of you. You bring out your cell phone to search if do garden slugs have teeth to bite?

😥😔😣 As you search you find tons of informative website links but each one is packed with loads of information. You first need to read the whole article or at least skim through it to find the answer you are looking for.

😥😔😣 Now you are in the park having a small walk and you don’t want to read it long. You need short quick answer to your question that is relevant and to the point; better off if within few lines.

😥😔😣 Had you had come to us (at treehoze.com) with this query, we would have put the answer this way:

😥😔😣 “Slugs consume around forty times their weight in the space of a day. They can also stretch to approximately twenty times their length in order to squeeze through narrow gaps. Believe it or not, slugs have the ability to bite - they have approximately 27,000 teeth! A slug bite is a nasty burning thing. Slugs may not look dangerous, but they can kill if they carry a parasitic nematode (Angiostrongylus cantonensis) known as the rat lungworm.”

😥😔😣 Isn’t it short, comprehensive and sweet answer?

😥😔😣 Now apart from that we also curate similar questions of value at one place for yu. For example, for the above question we will list other possible questions which you may want to ask but don’t have them in mind yet. E.g.

😥😔😣 What diseases can you get from snails?

😥😔😣 Do slugs have eyes?

😥😔😣 How is a snail different from a slug?

😥😔😣 And so on.

😥😔😣 So it may never come to your mind that people may also ask about this but we curate all the relevant questions at one place. It can be very helpful in most of the circumstances.

😥😔😣 So this is what we do and if you have an idea or suggestion to improve our work then we please do share it via our contact us page here.

😥😔😣 Thanks