Solutions for Employee Engagement


  • Are you struggling to engage with your employees?
  • Do you know what motivates your employees to go the extra mile?
  • Are your employees a flight risk?
  • Do employees have a confidential communication channel to better support sensitive issues?
  • Are annual surveys providing a real-time pulse of your employees?

ActoVoice Interface


ActoEngage™ is a mobile application that allows employees to:

  • Tell how they are doing – anytime, anywhere, privately and securely
  • Ask for assistance – when they need it most
  • Give feedback via surveys – when it’s most convenient to them

ActoEngage provides a mobile Voice of the Employee solution that allows businesses to instantly connect and stay engaged with employees. It provides a private and confidential channel of communication between managers and their staff.

Employee Portal

The Continuous Feedback Loop (CFL) platform provides an enterprise-class web portal that provides the ability to:

  • Listen to employees – capture their sentiment, see how they are feeling, in a real-time manner
  • Assist employees – private communication channel to protect confidential information
  • Solicit feedback – develop powerful surveys with Dynamic Decision Support technology

Dynamic Decision Support incorporates advanced branching logic technology that allows for the creation of simple or sophisticated surveys that can deliver hundreds of questions, on-the-fly, based on user response.

ActoVoice UIActoVoice Web Portal


Management Dashboard

  • Listen and respond to real-time feedback from employees
  • Provide timely assistance when requested
  • Send employee pulse surveys on a regular basis to capture their sentiment
  • Analyze survey trends to determine if employee morale is improving or deteriorating and know why
  • Delegate monitoring and management of responses
  • Easy export of data for integration with analytics tools


Administrative Control

  • Software-as-a-Service solution that can be deployed in less than 30 minutes
  • Simple pricing model
  • Simple administrative console allows role-based configuration
  • Enterprise security meeting Personally Identifiable Information (PII) requirements