The ActoVoice Platform

ActoVoice™ provides a mobile-friendly, enterprise-class cloud solution for organizations of any size and sophistication to engage with users in a proprietary and secure communication channel. Whether before, after, or while they are “in-the-moment”, ActoVoice’s patent-pending persistent Continuous Feedback Loop makes it easy for users to privately Tell, Ask, and Give information on anything that is important to them. Organizations can better hear about, help with, and understand their users’ experience to drive instant insights and action.


ActoVoice Mobile Applications

ActoVoice delivers two endpoint mobile applications that can be installed immediately from the Apple and Google Play stores: ActoEngage and ActoHealth. ActoVoice can also customize, white label, or OEM solutions to fit your unique applications. These mobile apps allow users to:

  • Share feedback when they are in-the-moment
  • Instantly connect with an organization when they need assistance
  • Take online surveys at their convenience


apple google

Closed Feedback Loop

Closed Feedback Loop



ActoVoice Management Portal

ActoVoice Web Portal

ActoVoice Web Portal

Organization Benefits

  • Timely Feedback, Timely Response
  • Instant assistance to users increasing overall satisfaction
  • Sophisticated, mobile-optimized survey instruments with branching logic using Dynamic Decision Support technology
  • Measure pulse and emotions of users
  • Private and secure web portal for management and real-time monitoring
  • Enterprise-grade protection of Personally Identifiable Information (PII), Sensitive Personal Information (SPI), and Personal Health Information (PHI)
  • Advanced alerting and reporting
  • Lower cost; cloud-based Software as a Service solution, no IT investment required





how they are doing, what they are feeling and thinking



for assistance when they need it most



feedback via mobile-optimized surveys




to their users and get a real-time pulse of how they are feeling



users in need, when they need it.



feedback with intelligent branching logic surveys