Customer Experience Redefined

Are you a large business trying to find that small business personal touch or are you a small business looking for feedback on a new product? Does your business have a need to improve your customer satisfaction scores? Are you concerned about social media impacting your brand?
Switch the paradigm. Enable your customers to connect with you when THEY want.
The next generation mobile and cloud-based Customer Engagement Platform allowing businesses to stay continuously connected with their customers is finally here! Businesses and organizations of any size can establish a Continuous Feedback Loop allowing customers and employees to share their experiences when they are in-the-moment.


What ActoVoice can do

Go Beyond Surveys

Businesses want to connect with their customers, but traditional survey methods request feedback after an event happens.

This leads to:

  • Low survey responses rates
  • Inability to get instantaneous feedback and take timely action
  • Customers flocking to social media to get attention

Ultimately, survey results are the Report Card. Let ActoVoice help you be responsive and influence your grade.


Allow the Customer to Initiate the Interaction

Customers and employees want a way to connect with businesses while they are in-the-moment. They want an easy method to:

  • Provide instant feedback
  • Get Assistance or Self Service when they really need it.
  • Take a short survey from their mobile device

By allowing a customer to give LIVE feedback, businesses have the ability to respond in a timely manner and influence their experience, perceptions and sentiments. Negative situations that could potentially have serious repercussions on social media can be diffused proactively.

ActoVoice in action


Get Assistance

Your Customers ALSO Want to Hear From You

Customers are forcing you to respond and provide customer service on social media. ActoVoice allows  customers to connect via a private channel and have conversations. It helps create that emotional connection with the customer, provide higher levels of customer service and improves brand value on social media leading to more promoters of your business.

ActoVoice is switching the paradigm, letting customers be in-charge. Stop guessing at what your customer’s are looking for and just let THEM tell you! Be Proactive and responsive. Start a conversation today.


Change Your Paradigm, See Results

ActoVoice allows your organization to interact with customers and employees in a way that THEY want to interact with you. Personalized, Frictionless, Instantaneous and Mobile.

No more worries about survey results, ratings,  grades, and revenue. All will increase when you build that Emotional connection.

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