• Are you struggling to connect and stay engaged with users in a confidential and private manner?
  • Is social media and traditional texting too “open” for private and personal communications?
  • Is your enterprise solution struggling to close the final gap between your application and the end user?

Enable Continuous User Engagement by Allowing Users to Connect with Applications Using the Mobile-first Design of ActoVoice Solutions.

ActoVoice™ provides a mobile-friendly, enterprise-class cloud solution for organizations of any size and sophistication to engage with users in a proprietary and secure communication channel.

Whether before, after, or while they are “in-the-moment,” ActoVoice’s patent-pending persistent Continuous Feedback Loop makes it easy for users to privately Tell, Ask, and Give information on anything that is important to them. Organizations can better hear about, help with, and understand their users’ experience to drive instant insights and action.


Endpoint Applications

ActoEngage™ allows employee initiated interactions with management in a confidential and secure manner, providing a critical real-time pulse of the organization.

ActoHealth™ provides Post Acute patient interactions allowing for better Patient Recorded Outcomes (PRO) and reducing overall medical costs. ActoHealth can also provide Ecological Momentary Assessment (EMA) for healthcare agencies and researchers for in-the-moment patient feedback.

Whether using one of our existing applications, white labeling, OEMing, or needing a custom developed application, ActoVoice will enable your solution to have a seamless touch-point with end-users.


Mobile Applications allow end-users to:

  • Tell how they are doing – anytime, anywhere, privately and securely
  • Ask for assistance – when they need it most
  • Give feedback via survey instruments – when it’s most convenient to them

Continuous Feedback Loop provides organizations the ability to:

  • Listen to users – capture their sentiment when they are in-the-moment
  • Assist users – private communication channel to protect confidential information
  • Solicit feedback – develop sophisticated survey instruments with branching logic using Dynamic Decision Support technology
Closed Feedback Loop

Closed Feedback Loop


Allow Users to Initiate Interactions

By allowing a user to give LIVE feedback, organizations have the ability to respond in a timely manner and influence their experience, perceptions and sentiments. Negative situations that could potentially have serious repercussions can be diffused proactively.

Your Users ALSO Want to Hear From You

Users often feel neglected when they leave the walls of your organization. They want an easy way to stay connected once they leave the premise. ActoVoice allows users to connect via a private channel and have conversations. Organizations can better hear about, help with, and understand their users experience to drive instant insights and action.